Game Mode

It's not just a game, it's also a passion for the ball
The Gaming sector is increasingly asserting its values, applying the advantages of blockchain is inevitable and the future of this billion-dollar industry.
Play-To-Earn is a way to encourage players more effort with rewards. These rewards are usually in the form of tokens, which can then be swapped across available platforms. The P2E model is considered more fair and offers more value than traditional games when the economic value is not completely dependent on the developer.
La'eeb Football has applied this model because it suits the developer's mission and the general trend of Blockchain games. We build a common community, through blockchain technology and smart contract, La'eeb Football brings players a safe and transparent environment.
La'eeb Football builds different modes of competition, including mission mode (PvE) and direct confrontation (PvP) with gamers from all over the world.
  • We build 32 football teams that will participate in the 2022 world cup in Qatar, you can choose your favorite teams and become a professional player with the championship trophy.
  • You can use the players opened from the NFT boxes to compete in your team lineup.