SocialFi (Social Finance) is a combination of social media and decentralized finance. SocialFi has the ability to decentralize, scalable, and ensures user privacy. The birth of SocialFi aims to leverage the power of blockchain technology to make data collection more transparent and easier.
  • SocialFi platforms provide methods to approche WEB3 for creating and managing social media platforms and content generated by participants.
  • SocialFi's focus is on content creators, influencers and participants who want greater control over their data, freedom of speech and the ability to earn money from following and interacting on their social networks.
These platforms are structured as decentralized autonomous organizations (DAOs) which are better suited to prevent centralized censorship decisions. As blockchain technology has grown by leaps and bounds over the past few years, the SocialFi infrastructure can accommodate the throughput required for social interactions.
In the world of DeFi, we often see utility tokens being used to drive in-app economics. With SocialFi, these tokens are not only at the application level but can be generated at the user level. Creators can manage their own economy through social tokens.
La'eeb Football is oriented to be an open ecosystem with many innovative applications. Users can own their own NFT characters with different styles designed by themselves, to build a sustainable and strong SocialFi.
There will be a multitude of events all with leaderboard rankings and rewards given to those who place towards the top. These events are performed in order to incentivise users in spending larger amounts of time within the La'eeb Football. These leaderboard events will cover an extensive range of in-game statistics. Wether it be battle record based or socially based.