Game-Fi are video game projects with a decentralized finance (DeFi) element. Game-Fi is built on blockchain technology, using cryptocurrency and NFT.
La'eeb Football is not just an ordinary entertainment game, instead it has fully incorporated the great features of blockchain, becoming a member of the booming GameFi world.

Reward mechanism

Players can earn $FOOT and NFT rewards by completing missions and live competition mode.

Game mode

  • PvE - Player Versus Everyone is a special mode that comes with special events where players are pitted against all other players in a battle royale styling. Last man or at times, last group standing takes all rewards offered for the event.
  • PvP - Player Versus Player mode allows for individuals or parties, to battle other individuals or parties.

Game upgrade

Upgrading Game versions is a must to maintain and develop the Game, as well as fix errors that may occur during operation. We guarantee the right to vote on decisions related to game upgrades and improvements.
  • Upgrade version
  • Fix error
  • Safe security