Against Racism in Football

The issue of racism in football is always a burning topic of every league in the world.
For a long time, this problem has not been completely solved, which has hurt many players, and brought about the ugliest image of king sport.
Football is a place that connects billions of hearts around the world, let's give the players good things, let them give their best on the pitch. This was strongly confirmed again at the 2022 World Cup in Qatar. Be polite Gamers, respect your opponents.
La'eeb Football will be a community where we strongly condemn racism in football. There will only be love for the ball, and communication activities to combat this problem will take place at the 2022 World Cup (Qatar) with the support of many influential people around the world.
  • 5% of every Sell transaction goes to Against Racism Fund
  • Against Racism Fund will be aggregated and used each month for communication expenses.
Against Racism Fund Address: 0x43cb541d315d686a9bb3089145b25f9d72e77af9